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Labham is an educational initiative from GJC that addresses the vital need of helping the gems and jewellery industry to be on par with today’s intensely competitive business environment. GJC has conceptualized Labham as a medium to help facilitate a gradual transition from unorganized to organized mode of business operations for this industry.

This is essential to increase and sustain the growth of this industry which plays such a huge role in the domestic sector. GJC also recognizes the fact that most jewellery businesses in India are family run and it is important that the industry is able to attract and retain the services of the professionally qualified younger generation. Therefore, there is the need to infuse sound business models and professionalism into the industry.

Labham, a day long training programme has been specially conceived and designed to help jewellers enhance their knowledge and run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Creating efficient business models along with knowledge of rules and regulations will ensure steady growth and prosperity for our members. GJC has put together a composite package consisting of training manuals and workshops that explain the concept and execution of a successful business model for small, medium and large jewellery businesses.

For more information, contact :

Mr. Ninad Mundhe - 8433956622 / asst.mgrevents@gjc.org.in

Mr. Venkataraman Gopalkrishnan - 9841746980 / southsec@gjc.org.in