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GJF Elections 2016

We would like to bring to your kind notice that GJF has declared its Elections for Committee of Administration (COA) i.e. GJF Elections 2016. In this regards, we wish to inform you that the Election Rules, Schedule of Elections and List of Eligible Voters is given below.

Members please note that this is an electronic voting system and there is no human intervention involved in the voting system. Members have to use their registered 10 digit mobile number and a valid membership number to cast their votes in GJF Elections 2016. In case of any discrepancy we request you to kindly contact us at members@gjf.in or 022 - 67382700/ 8433989674.


Sr. No. Process Timeline
1 Publication of Eligible Voters List on website 12th to 27th November, 2016
2 Invitation for Nomination to Eligible Voters 12th to 15th November, 2016
3 Filing and Receipt of Nomination 12th to 30th November, 2016
4 Finalization of Nomination list and display of nomination list 7th December, 2016
5 Withdrawal of Nomination 8th to 12th December, 2016
6 Communication to Voters for e-voting 13th to 18th December, 2016
7 Commencement of e-voting 22nd December, 2016
8 Closure of e-voting 28th December, 2016
9 Declaration of Results 30th December, 2016


  • Who is the Election Authority and how can a member contact him?
    Election Authority is an independent person appointed by GJF to conduct a fair and transparent elections for COA. His name is Col. TK Das. Members can contact him directly at elections@gjf.in.

  • How can I check if I am an eligible voter member?
    For checking the eligibility, a member firm/company can check if the firm is an Ordinary Member (OM) of GJF and the member has renewed his membership on or before 31st October, 2016.

    If the firm is an OM then the details will be displayed in zone wise / panel wise voter list circulated by Election Authority on the GJF’s website.

  • Who is eligible to vote and contest?
    There are two criteria for the eligibility

    • As per clause 7(a) of the Election Rules, an Ordinary Member who has renewed its membership on or before 31st October, 2016 is eligible to stand for election or entitled to vote, in terms of Article 4.1 of the Articles of Association (AOA) of the Federation. The members from panel not reflected in the AOA shall not be eligible to vote and stand for panels. However they will have the right to vote for their respective zone only.
    • Also, the firm that has updated its membership details is eligible to vote
  • How many votes an eligible voter member can cast?
    Eligible voter of the GJF shall have one vote each for every single representation for the respective paneland therespective zone, as opted at the time of admission. The members from panel not reflected in the AOA shall not be eligible to vote for panels however they will have the right to vote for their respective zone only.

    For example, a member can cast one vote for his respective Zonal Chairman and one for his respective panel.

  • Can the voting process be done in phased manner?
    Please note that you will have to caste your votes in one attempt. You cannot do it in phased manner. Once you click on the ‘I confirm’ button, the link in your mail box will be deactivated and you cannot use the same again.

  • Does a member have to cast his vote for Zonal Chairman and Panel Member mandatorily?
    Ideally, the member is eligible to vote for Zonal Chairman for his particular Zone and for Panel Member for his particular panel. However if the member wishes to cast his vote to either of the two options, he may do so. Once the member has given his vote and confirmed on the page, the system won’t allow the member to change his decision thereafter.

  • Can anybody cast more number of votes?
    NO. The system will not allow to cast you more number of votes than admissible.

  • Can a member registered under a particular panel vote for candidate from other panel?

    Eg. A member registered under Large Retailer Panel can vote only for the candidates standing for Large Retailer Panel’s vacant seats, but they cannot vote for candidate standing for Medium Retailer Panel. However, for the seat of Zonal Chairman, a member from the zonal voter list irrespective of any panel can vote for the candidate of Zonal Chairman. For example, All the Members from Chennai Voter list can vote for the one seat of Zonal Chairman Seat.

  • What is an OTP and upto what time the same will be valid?
    One Time Password (OTP) is a code which will be received by voter member during the process of e-voting on the registered mobile number. The OTP will be valid for 30 minutes once the same is received in Mobile / E-mail. If the member does not get an OTP, then there is an option of requesting for OTP through the system.

  • Is it possible to change the details such as E-mail ID and Mobile number?
    As per the schedule of elections, members can change their E-mail ID and Mobile number upto 27th November, 2016. Changes received after 27th November, 2016 will not be accepted.

  • When arethe Elections of the COA held and where will the information be available?
    The elections to the COA are held after every two years. The next election for the vacant seats to the COA of GJF should get completed before December 2018.

  • Can I contest or vote for the COA Election on behalf of somebody?
    NO. The contestant and voter has to be the registered member of GJF from the same entity.

    For example: Mr. Virat Tendulkar is registered as a member of GJF for his entity God Gems & Jewellers. Only Virat can contest and vote for the GJF Election.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the GJF office staff?
    GJF office staff can respond to the queries asked by the members for Election Process and Voting System. GJF office staff is not authorized to fill/collect the nomination forms from the members or promote any particular contestant.

    GJF office staff will only act as a help desk wherein they have no direct involvement in the online voting process.

  • How can a member get his queries clarified?
    There are two options where a member can raise his query:

    • Write an e-mail at members@gjf.in
    • You can directly contact at 022-67382700/ 8433989674
  • How and where do I send the nomination form?
    Members are required to send the complete filled nomination form, affidavit, enrolment fees & security deposit as mentioned in GJF Election Rules at GJF’s registered office in Mumbai in a sealed envelope on or before 30th November, 2016. Envelopes received after 30th November, 2016 shall be rejected.

    Members can send the courier details for tracking purposes to elections@gjf.in which is only accessible by election authority.

  • Where will the GJF COA voting take place?
    The voting process will “NOT” be on the GJF website but it will be conducted by an Election Agency on a different portal. The details of the portal will be provided to the members soon.

  • How authentic the electronic voting module is?
    GJF has appointed a third party auditing firm which will audit the entire coting process by election agency and provide the authenticity certificate (256 bit encrypted) for the same which will be displayed on the election website.

  • How do I cast my vote on the voting portal?
    In coming days, GJF will send a tutorial manual to all eligible members which will contain the voting process in detail.